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Erase 2021 laser clinic calgary


Erase 2021! Wrinkles, Spots, Lip Lines, Acne Scars...BE GONE!

As the years pass time takes its toll on our skin. We come into this world with skin that is soft, smooth, and perfect. And then…life happens! As time passes we spend time in the sun, we smile, we laugh, we kiss, we frown, and we cry. Wrinkles, spots, lip lines, acne scars and other textural irregularities appear on our skin. We call them the “lines of time.” The comment we hear most frequently in a consultation room is “I don’t like them!”>>


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Are you bothered by Wrinkles? Lip lines? Acne Scars?

It's laser skin resurfacing season! Smooth skin that reflects light is beautiful isn’t it? We all come into this world with skin that is soft, smooth and, well…just perfect! But then…life happens. We spend time in the sun, we smile, we laugh, we kiss, we sing, some people smoke, and a few of us whistle. Acne can rear its ugly head and leave us with skin that is pitted. As time passes surface irregularities will eventually appear. It’s absolutely inevitable and nobody escapes it. There is, however, an escape hatch. Laser skin resurfacing can smooth out those textural imperfections. >>


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coolsculpting PAH Risks calgary 

Does CoolSculpting have any risks?

The answer to this question is something we explain fully during your CoolSculpting consultation at Skinpossible. CoolSculpting is the medical treatment that freezes away fat. ⁣It is safe, non-surgical, comfortable, and over 11 Million treatments have been performed worldwide! Like all medical aesthetics treatments, there are some precautions, risks and contraindications you need to know about.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ >>


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consultation blog


What you WANT is not always what you NEED!

It happens every day. Someone comes for a consultation and tells us they are interested in a certain treatment that is completely inappropriate for them. Just the other day, for example, a very nice woman in her late 50’s came to the clinic to inquire about Ultherapy, a fantastic treatment for tightening and lifting skin. I love Ultherapy! It is my favourite treatment, but when I looked at her I immediately knew that Ultherapy was not going to be the best choice for her. It was my job to tell her this and to steer her in the right direction. >>

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eyewrinkles treatment calgary

Now more than ever…It’s all about the eyes!

The eyes do more than see; they also speak. What are your eyes saying about you?  >>

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skincare FAQ calgary

Simply stated, medical-grade ingredients can hydrate, nourish, correct and protect the skin better...Much better!

Use of quality skincare is and has always been your best investment to keep your skin healthy, even-toned, strong, resilient, and youthful in appearance. >>

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The truth about non-surgical facelifts!

We all know we can’t believe everything we read on the internet; nor should we trust everything we see on TV. Many treatments exist that claim to tighten skin, but with so much “hype” and “hoopla” about every new treatment that enters the scene, how do we know what to believe? The truth is found in science and clinical evidence. >>

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diastasisrecti calgary

Emsculpt can close the gap that causes "Baby Bulge"!

If your abdomen has bulged out since giving birth, it may be a condition known as Diastasis Recti. It could be because the muscles of your abdomen were stretched apart during your pregnancy and have remained separated afterward. >>

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Say "Goodbye" to Acne and Maskne

Acne can be disfiguring, demoralizing and frustrating. It is common during adolescence but can strike anyone at any age. Acne symptoms can range from an occasional zit to painful cysts. Left untreated, it can often result in permanent scarring. Acne scarring is difficult and sometimes impossible to erase. Much, however, can be done to control acne and prevent acne scarring! >>

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dermal fillers calgary injections

It's not magic...It just looks that way!

Fillers can create volume where in never existed to enhance youthful features. They can also be used in a youthful face to create shape and contour where it never previously existed. Thin lips can be made fuller, a defined jawline can be created, high cheek bones can be yours! When performed by a skilled and artful injector, facial fillers create beautiful, natural looking improvements to one’s appearance! >>

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botox calgary do they work? What do they do? How long do they last? How much does it cost?

Botox is the most trusted of several neuromodulators that all act in a similar way. Neuromodulators work by changing the way messaging is conducted between nerves and muscles. Used in very small amounts for cosmetic purposes, they relax facial muscles that cause excessive animation of the face. Animation of the face is, of course, a good thing. Excessive animation, however, causes wrinkles that eventually become permanently etched into our features. Even those who have not yet developed wrinkles love the cosmetic improvements neuromodulators can offer to one’s appearance. As a means of anti-aging, starting early is a brilliant form of prevention. 

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