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Microblading eyebrows calgary

Microblading eyebrow ink removal Calgary 


Cosmetic Laser Tattoo Removal is available in Calgary! Tattoo and Microblading eyebrow removal are possible!

Because sometimes bad brows happen to good people. When women get microblading for their eyebrows sometimes their brows don’t turn out the way they wanted. If that happened to you or someone you know, we can help, we can remove both tattooed and microbladed eyebrows with Picosure laser tattoo removal.

  • Safe & Effective
  • Fast & Comfortable
  • Tattoo & Microblading Ink  

Not Loving your Brow or Scalp Tattoos? 

Choosing a tattoo artist carefully is always an important decision, and more so when choosing who will do microblading or tattooing of your brows or scalp. When cosmetic ink turns out badly it can be very bad! There is no way to hide badly tattooed brows, and if you wanted to wear a hat all day you wouldn’t have had your scalp tattooed. 

The ink used for cosmetic tattoos is not the same as the ink used on the body! 

Picosure works great, but when it comes to cosmetic ink there are some special considerations and precautions. Why? Because cosmetic pigments frequently contain Iron or Titanium, metals that can oxidize and change color when treated with a laser. 

The ability to treat eyebrow and scalp tattoos depends on the color of the pigments used in the ink. Black, blue and green pigments respond well and require fewer treatments than a Q-switch laser. Red, white and flesh-colored pigments pose a high risk of darkening or turning orange. 

We will start with a test patch! 

There is a good chance Picosure can remove bad brows or scalp tattoos efficiently and cost-effectively in fewer treatments than traditional lasers. Cosmetic ink is frequently blended by mixing many colors, however, and it’s not possible to know which colors were blended simply by looking at it. Thus, we begin with a tiny test patch to be sure the ink does not oxidize before proceeding. 

Nobody ever expects their cosmetic ink to look bad, but it does happen. We recommend that you ask your cosmetic tattoo artist to make note of which pigments are used when blending your color… just in case. 

How Does Microblading ink Removal Work?

To understand how tattoo removal works think of the ink as tiny rocks. Picosure is the NEW GOLD standard technology proved to remove tattoos faster and better compared to "Q-Switch" which is an older technology available in the market! Traditional lasers used for tattoo removal are called Q-Switches. These nanosecond lasers predominantly rely on photothermal action and deliver heat into the pigment and surrounding tissue. With multiple treatments, the “rocks” are broken down into smaller and smaller “pebbles.” Many treatments are required to slowly clear the ink and total clearance is rarely possible.

 cosmetic ink removal calgary ink tattoo removal

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