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Referral Program


Introducing Skinpossible's NEW REFERRAL REWARDS!


It’s only natural that when we experience something wonderful we want to share our discovery with others. It may be a delicious recipe, a hidden cove in the mountains, a fabulous little boutique, or your treatment experience at Skinpossible!

Share the love with someone you love!

The biggest compliment any of our guests can ever give us is their referral...and they do! Skinpossible’s #1 source of new customers is, in fact, referrals from our existing customers.

A referral is like a gift that costs nothing to give!

There is nothing more reassuring for a person who may be considering treatments at Skinpossible than to have a recommendation from someone they trust who has already experienced our standard of care. If you’ve been someone’s inspiration we want to say thank you!

We’ll give you both a $100 gift card*!

Referring a friend to Skinpossible is like giving a gift to them, and to us, so we want to say “Thank you!” If they mention your name at the time of their first visit, we will email you $100 to spend at your next visit! We will also give our new friend a $100 gift card to spend at their first visit!


*Minimum $400 purchase qualifies.

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