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We are excited to get our very clean hands on you!


Here’s what to expect when you come for your next visit:

Things will be a little different the next time you come to see us but you can rest assured we are ready, willing and EAGER to deliver your treatments with the highest standard of safety protocols within the industry. Is it possible to deliver medical-aesthetics treatments safely? At Skinpossible, it is! Our staff will be wearing personal protective equipment, but we just think of it as our new uniforms! You can expect the same attentive service, the same great results and the same big smiles…but some things will be different.



OUR PARKING LOT IS NOW YOUR PRE-WAITING ROOM: The number of people we can seat in our reception room has been reduced to maintain distance. We ask that upon arriving you kindly phone us at 403-719-6523 or text us at 403-333-7087 with your first name and your last name. We will check you in and call or text you back when your service provider is ready to see you. Please come to the front door promptly when called and wait there.

YOU WILL BE GREETED WITH HAND SANITIZER AND A THERMOMETER: Our ‘manager of pampering’ will greet you with a smile at our front door and through the stylish face shield she will be wearing. She will dispense a generous portion of premium hand sanitizer into your hands, and while you enjoy a self-applied hand massage to rub it in, she will take your temperature with an external thermometer held to your forehead. 

DISPOSIBLE BOOTIES AND A FACE MASK ARE COMPLIMENTARY: Your own set of luxurious personal protective equipment never looked so glamourous!

YOUR TREATMENT WILL BE SAFE AND SATISFYING: You personal service provider will lead you through our spacious one-way hallways to the sanitized treatment room she has prepared in advance just for you. Throughout your treatment, your personal safety and comfort will be our first priority. Your snacks and beverages will be individually packaged in perfect portion controlled servings.

PAPERLESS CHARTING, EXTREME SANITIZING, AND MORE! You have come to expect a warm relationship, service with a smile, and a touch of humour when you come for your appointments at Skinpossible. Many things have changed but these things have not.



Appointments will take a bit longer now so please be patient with us as we adjust to our new way of doing things:

• Due to present circumstance we temporarily require that children, spouses, friends (or anyone not medically required to attend) not accompany you on your visit. 

• We respectfully ask anyone who has any symptoms of fever, congestion, sore throat or cough to reschedule. 

• Debit terminals at Skinpossible are sanitized before and after every use as are all surfaces in treatment and consultation rooms. At this time we are not accepting cash as a method of payment. 

• All doorknobs, light switches, toilet flushers, taps, sinks, keyboards, phones, couches and chairs, tables and countertops are thoroughly sanitized multiple times per day at scheduled intervals. 

• Shared reading and educational materials have been removed. 

• All staff are required to immediately wash their hands and check their temperature upon arriving. Each must wear freshly laundered scrubs and a face mask and face shield at all times when a 6’ distance cannot be maintained. 


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