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The Ultherapy Tales!






Get ready for Summer with CoolSculpting and Vitamin B!


Awesome videos



Eliminate your Double-chin with CoolSculpting! 



You'll Never Again Go a Day Without Sunscreen After Watching This!



At Skinpossible laser hair removal is Faster and Painless!


Get rid of that pocket of fat with CoolSculpting in all the right places!


Laser Tattoo Removal is that fast and easy with Picosure at our clinic!



You got it on... we'll take it off- Picosure Tattoo Removal 



Let's brake the myth! 



Laser Vaginal Tightening and Urinary Incontinence reduction treatment!- IntimaLase and IncontiLase 


Our award winning treatment!- Ultherapy 



  ultherapy calgaryNon-Surgical Skin Ligting

Ultherapy on Rachael Ray


Ultherapy on America Now


Ultherapy on CBS Early Show


 Ultherapy on Extra

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Picosure on The Doctors TV


Picosure on Bethenny


Picosure on ABC



Picosure on FOX 5


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 Sciton calgaryBBL- Broadband Light for Rosacea, Melasma and Sun Damage

What is SCITON 

The Doctors TV

Coolsculpting Fat and Cellulite reduction

Reduce Fat in Legs

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