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What is Ultherapy?

It's known as the 'Lunch time Lift" Ultherapy is the new “Gold Standard” and while it cannot deliver facelift results it is as close as you can get to a facelift without surgery. It is a non-invasive treatment that allows you to have the treatment during the day and go out for dinner that very night. Results develop gradually over a few months. Unlike surgery, there is no risk that you will look like anyone other than yourself, only a younger version of yourself.  

Ultherapy is the only non-invasive procedure FDA-cleared to lift skin on the neck, under the chin and on the eyebrow. Also clinically proven to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the décolletage, Ultherapy can help you achieve a fresher, more youthful look from your brow to your chest! Skinpossible is proud to be an Award-Winning Ultherapy provider. We are the Top Ultherapy clinic in Canada!

Skin Tightening has always been our speciality and this new technology allows us to deliver even better results. Ultherapy sets a new standard within the aesthetics industry because when it comes to non- invasive skin rejuvenation there is nothing else like it. Ultherapy uses ultrasound to see below the surface of the skin. This allows Ultherapy to safely go deeper than any other technology is capable of.

The recipient of multiple awards for best in-office treatment, Ultherapy has the highest patient satisfaction rating of all skin tightening treatments.  Skinpossible is recognized by Ulthera for having performed more treatments than any other clinic in Alberta.  Our advanced Ultherapists customize every treatment to suit the needs of each individual.  To find out if you would be a candidate for Ultherapy, book your free consultation today.

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• Replaces lost collagen to reduce and prevent sagging
• Tightens skin for better tone
• Elevates the brow, reduces hooding of the eyelids, opens up the eye area
• Creates a sleeker, more defined jawline, reduces jowls.
• Restores fullness in the cheeks, lifts the nasolabial folds
• Tightens and reduces sagging of the neck and chest
• Minimal or no downtime
• Natural, noticeable results without surgery




How Does it Work

Natural | Non-Invasive | No Downtime

Ultherapy Skin Lifting Treatment

Ultherapy delivers low levels of focused heat to just the right depth below the skin to target the deep tissues. The surface of the skin remains undisturbed but the controlled injury  to the deeper layers triggers a healing response in the skin. The skin contracts and tightens immediately and, like other skin tightening procedures, Ultherapy simulates the growth of new collagen, but DEEPER than ever before!

A smooth applicator (placed on the skin) projects an image onto the screen that allows us to see and plan where to direct the energy. We deliver energy to two depths during a single treatment. One pass penetrates 3 mm in depth which is as deep as you can go and still be in the dermis. Another pass over the treatment area penetrates 4.5 mm into the superficial muscular apo-neurotic system (the SMAS layer).
The SMAS is the layer of muscles targeted during surgical forehead, face and neck lifts.  An Ultherapy™ treatment is non-surgical and cannot deliver the results of a surgical facelift. For people who are not ready for a facelift or just don’t want to have surgery, however, it is a non-invasive alternative that requires just a single treatment. Ultherapy can also be used to further enhance results of a surgical facelift.

Your body's response to this energy is to recondition tired skin by stimulating the growth of fresh, new collagen. The result is a tightening and gradual lifting—or shifting—of the skin back into a more youthful position and form-fitting shape. Unlike lasers, which penetrate the skin from the outside-in, the Ultherapy®procedure bypasses the surface of the skin, specifically targeting the deep, structural skin tissues where collagen lives. Using ultrasound technology, Ultherapy actually works from the inside-out to lift and tighten skin non-invasively.



ultherapy ultrasound machine


Now there’s a way to stand firm in the face of gravity—on your terms. With Ultherapy, there’s no downtime, no foreign substances, no radical change; just a healthy revving-up on the inside for a natural, noticeable effect on the outside.

With Ultherapy, you can go about your day after a single, 60-90 minute in-office procedure. You may notice a short-term “boost” but the natural process of creating new, more elastic, collagen builds over time—much like the effect that exercise has on building muscle (but without the multiple workouts!).



What to Expect 

Natural, Noticeable Results without surgery

The Beauty of Ultherapy is that results will unfold over the course of 2-3 months and some patients have reported continued improvement for up to 6 months, including lifting of the skin on the neck, under the chin and on the brow. While ultrasound does not duplicate the results of surgery, Ultherapy has proven to be an inviting alternative for those who are not yet ready for surgery.

  • Elevation of the brow, reduced hooding of the eyelids, opening up of the eye area, andsofteningof the wrinkles around the eyes.
  • A shifting of the cheek tissue upward for an overall ovaling effect of the lower 2/3 of .....the face.
  • Improvement in the folds and lines around the nose and mouth.
  • Sleeker, more defined jawline; reduced jowls.
  • Reduced sagging under the chin.
  • Smaller pores and a more even skin colour may also be a welcomed benefit

    *The satisfaction rating for this treatment is very high but results do vary from person to person. While we can control the technology and the parameters we set, it is beyond our ability to control how any individual will respond to any treatment. 


    Ultherapy FAQ

    • Who is a good candidate for Ultherapy +

      There is a broad range of people who can benefit from Ultherapy, but typically those in their thirties and older are candidates. While this is not a replacement for surgery, there are many people who want some lifting, in order to look more refreshed and toned but are not ready for surgery (mentally, financially, or logistically). And then there are younger people who want to “stay ahead of the game” as well as those looking to prolong the effect of surgery.
    • Is Ultherapy safe? +

      Ultrasound energy has a proven track record, with use in medical imaging for over 50 years. In addition, the procedure has been cleared by the FDA after demonstrating safety in clinical studies, and tens of thousands of treatments have been performed worldwide without any significant adverse events.
    • Does Ultherapy hurt? +

      Comfort thresholds vary from patient to patient, but there can be some discomfort while the energy is being delivered.  In order to assure that the experience is as pleasant as possible the doctor may offer medications to minimize this discomfort.  Patients generally leave comfortable, happy and looking forward to the benefits to come.
    • Are there any side effects? +

      There may be slight redness for a few hours following the treatment, and it’s not uncommon to have slight swelling for a few days. A degree of tingling or tenderness to touch may be experienced for a few days or possibly for a few weeks. These are typically mild and they are temporary in nature. There can be other post-procedural effects such as bruising and small areas of numbness but these are less common and, again, temporary.
    • How long do the benefits from Ultherapy last? +

      Results are long-lasting but the treatment is so new it's hard to know for sure just how long.  Patients treated with Ultherapy still have fresh young collagen a year or longer after an Ulthera procedure. Unfortunately skin continues to age so a touch-up treatment after 12-18 months can help keep pace with the ageing process.
    • What should I expect after Ultherapy treatment? +

      Because the rejuvenation process occurs naturally, results occur gradually.  Just as strenghtening muscles and growing taller takes time and is not evident from day to day, the effects of Ultherapy build slowly and subtly over a period of months.
    • How is Ultherapy different from other cosmetic procedures? +

      Ultherapy is the only nonsurgical cosmetic procedure that uses ultrasound to specifically target the foundational layer of facial tissue that doctors address in surgery. The use of ultrasound also enables us to actually see the layers of skin we are treating, allowing the energy to be delivered precisely to where it will be most productive.
    • Can I have more than one Ultherapy treatment? +

      The majority of patients only need one treatment, while those with a fair amount of laxity may opt for more than one treatment. Annual touch-up treatments can help slow down the rate of skin ageing.
    • Can Ultherapy treat anatomical regions other than the face? +

      Currently, Ultherapy is a face and neck treatment. However, the company is conducting a number of clinical studies with physicians around the world to investigate the use of Ultherapy for treating other anatomical regions.
    • What does collagen do? +

      Collagen is a natural protein that gives skin its youthfulness by keeping it firmed and toned. As we age, collagen loses its strength and its ability to stand up to the effects of gravity that pull the skin downward. Ultherapy jumpstarts a repair process that strengthens your existing collagen and produces fresh, new collagen.
    • How much does Ultherapy cost? +

      Not every clinic delivers the same calibre of treatment.  Skinpossible uses the newest protocols recommended by Ultherapy to get the best result based on the most recent clinical trials.  Ultherapy is delivered in lines consisting of multiple ultrasound nodes and the cost for a treatment is based on the number of lines delivered.  An Ultherapy treatment at Skinpossible costs between $595 for a brow lift (60 lines) and $2595 for a full face, neck and brow treatment (504 lines.)  Keep in mind that new protocols use more lines than older protocols.  Treatments can also be customized to the needs of each individual patient.
    • Can men have it done? +

      Absolutely!  Both women and men globally are receiving Ultherapy.
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