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Celazome clinical skin care with nanotechnology



Why we love Celazome clinical skincare?

• It's Botanical - Natural Ingredients

• It's Efficacious - Nano Technology

• It's Simple - Easy-to-use Regimes

• It's Affordable - Generous Sizing


How does Celazome's nanotechnology work?

Celazome’s products improve the quality of people’s lives through advanced skincare. 

Celazome’s patented Lyphazome Nanotechnology allows nano-sized lecithin spheres to penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis, delivering 80% of ingredients to begin working in the deeper layers of the skin for long-lasting results, while 20% begin working immediately on the outer layers to deliver instantaneous results. 

By choosing to use the same or greater concentrations of individual ingredients used in clinical studies proving ingredient effectiveness, Celazome guarantees the efficacy of each and every product. For example, it uses 10 percent Argireline (a Peptide clinically proven to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles) in their anti-aging products while the industry uses 5 percent. Celazome also uses 1.5 percent green tea extract (a powerful antioxidant and bacteriostatic agent) in their products while the industry uses 0.002 percent. 

Celazome encapsulates the highest quality and percentage of ingredients with its patented nano-technology, exceeding standards and allowing their products to achieve premier results. Celazome has propelled forward as a leader in the clinical skincare market, and is committed to maintaining the highest standard in all of its endeavors.





Hydrating botanical regime  Soften . Calm . Hydrate | $170

Hydrating Botanical Regime

Regime Includes: Hydrating Botanical Cleanser . Rosewater Toner . Restorative Hydrating Cream

These products moisturize all day, leaving skin hydrated and healthy. Botanical Hydrating Cleanser gently removes impurities leaving the skin soft and supple. Rosewater Toner balances the skin’s pH and serves as a great eye makeup remover. Restorative Hydrating Cream provides luxurious nourishment to reveal soft, supple, and balanced skin. 


  • Conserves skin's natural hydro-lipid layer, promoting natural equilibrium
  • Thoroughly and gently rehydrates skin
  • Advances skin's quality
  • Minimizes skin's signs of aging  

    Balancing botanical regime  Refresh . Balance . Repair | $170

    Balancing Botanical Regime

    Regime Includes: Balancing Botanical Cleanser . Rosewater Toner . Daily Antioxidant Balancing Moisturizer

    This trio balances skin, by removing excess sebum and restoring the skin’s natural pH. Balancing Botanical Cleanser leaves skin smooth and supple. Rosewater Toner deep cleanses pores. Daily Antioxidant Balancing Moisturizer will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and offer you youthful, radiant looking skin.


  • See a reduction in excess sebum while balancing and hydrating skin
  • Skin is softened and moisturized with the use of this trio
  • Restore skin's natural pH

    Purifying botanical regime
    Remove Oil . Repair . Control | $165

    Purifying Botanical Regime

    Regime Includes: Purifying Botanical Cleanser . Purifying Toner . Serum Vitae Purifying Moisturizer

    This trio reduces oil and redness. Purifying Botanical Cleanser eliminates excess sebum and balances skin. Purifying Toner helps tighten and refine pores. Serum Vitae Purifying Moisturizer has highly potent oil reducing compounds which reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 


  • Skin's natural pH level is maintained while controlling excess sebum
  • Redness and skin blotches are visibly reduced
  • A high potency blend of antioxidants provides free radical protection

    O-plex acne regime  Refine . Treat . Prevent | $148


    O-PLEX Acne Regime

    Regime Includes: O-PLEX Wash . O-PLEX Mist . O-PLEX Acne Treatment Lotion

    Origanums anti-bacterial properties help target problematic skin conditions. This trio uses its antibacterial agents to absorb oils, while balancing skin and tightening pores. O-PLEX wash thoroughly lifts impurities and removes excess sebum. O-PLEX mist balances sebum production and tightens pores. O-PLEX acne treatment lotion treats acne and allows skin to heal.


  • Effectively cleanses acne prone skin, treats back and chest acne
  • Kills bacteria, Non-drying and non-irritating

    Gly-renew duo  Exfoliate . Retexture . Restore | $120.50

    Gly-Renew Duo

    Regime Includes: Gly-Clear Cleanser . Gly-Repair Cream

    This glycolic and fruit acid duo, works to exfoliate and dissolve dead skin cells leaving skin remarkably soft and fresh. Great addition to any regime to be used 2-3 times weekly. Great for prepping skin before any in office treatment.


  • Inproves skin clarity while reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Retextures for a younger looking complexion
  • Prepares face for further glycolic treat

    N°45 firming peptide duo  Reduce Lines . Tighten . Lift | $377

    N°45 Firming Peptide Duo

    Regime Includes: N°45 Firming Peptide Complex . N°45 Firming Peptide Cream

    Our breakthrough firming peptide formulas rescue aging skin, by releasing a 45% concentration of potent, targeted peptides and bio-actives. Our complex and cream formulations deliver astonishing results in just a few weeks. 


  • Appearance of fine lines and wrinkles reduced
  • Our proprietary formula delivers extra hydration and bio-actives
  • See rapid results from the first application

  • Eye therapy duo  Firm . Brighten . Anti-Age | $188

    Eye Therapy Duo

    This beautiful kit was created to optimally treat all eye-area concerns. Containing both Eye Treat® for fine lines, wrinkles and dehydration, as well as Eyelyph Serum for puffiness, dark circles and sagging, this duo will provide you with amazing results!


  • A.M. and P.M. treatments
  • Helps prevent the visible signs of aging
  • Leaves the skin around the eyes looking radiant
  • Potent antioxidants and botanicals

    Anti-aging peptide trio  Control Aging . Tighten . Lift | $484

    Anti-aging Peptide Trio

    Includes: N°45 Firming Peptide Complex . N°45 Firming Peptide Cream . Eye Treat

    With a 45% concentration of the most potent Peptides and Botanicals in the N°45 Complex and Cream, and a one-of-a-kind blend of thirteen Botanicals in the Eye Treat, NO other products available will produce results like out Anti-Aging Peptide Trio. Caution for Oily skin types as the N°45 Firming Peptide Complex and Cream may feel heavy on the skin.


  • Rapid results firm and tighten skin from the first application
  • Delivers extra hydration and bio-actives with our proprietary formula
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

    Post- Tattoo removal kit  Nourish . Heal . Soothe | $134.50

    Post Tattoo Removal Kit

    These products will help nourish and heal the skin post in-office Tattoo Removal procedures.

    Code 4 Spray Lotion is ideal for post treatment as it is formulated to promote dermal rejuvenation, while protecting skin cell DNA from stressors. It also boosts the skin's natural biological anti-inflammatory response. 

    Penetrating Body lotion,
     originally manufactured for burn victims, serves as an effective sealing barrier to hold moisture within the skin and reduce transepidermal water loss. 

    SPF 29
     offers 8 hour sun protection to help support treatment results.


  • Speeds up healing time
  • Soothing
  • Code 4 can be kept in the fridge for a cool and refreshing application


    Gly-Body kit  Exfoliate. Retexture. Restore | $148.50


    The Gly-Body Treatment Kit offers you an effective treatment to Keratosis Pilaris as well as healthy and exfoliated body skin. Formulated with a blend of potent ingredients, this kit will leave your skin feeling fresh, without any irritation.

    Kit Contains:



  • Gly-Body Wash
  • Gly-Body Lotion
  • Penetrating Body Lotion
  • Bath Puff & Cosmetic Bag

  • Benefits:


    • Reduce red bumps on backs of arms and legs
    • Offers décolleté a youthful glow
    • 7 months worth of inventory
    • Effective treatment for Keratosis Pilaris
    • Exfoliate body skin





    Restorative hydrating cream  Enhance . Hydrate . Calm | $92

    Restorative Hydrating Cream

    Antioxidant cocktail that promotes free radical protections while repairing the skin. Great product for post-chemical peel


  • Aids in wrinkle reduction
  • Balances moisture levels by keeping skin hydrated
  • Improves skin clarity while revitalizing the skin 

  • Hydracell night cream Moisturize . Revitalize . Repair | $88

    Hydracell Night Cream

    Ultimate in hydration, works to rejuvenate and nourish skin while drenching the skin in high levels of moisture. Abolish redness, soreness, itchiness and flakiness. Ideal for dry skin.The most luxurious night cream on the market


  • Repairs, protects and strengthen skin all night (and day) long
  • Ideal for dry skin sufferers
  • Alleviates redness, flakiness, and itching


    Gly-repair cream Nourish . Renew . Resurface | $87.50

    Gly-Repair Cream

    Most intensive treatment for fighting the visible signs for age by stimulating pro-collagen, texturizing, and improving overall health of skin. 

    Ideal for dry, congested, oily and mature skin


  • Great for pre and post any in office treatment
  • Excellent take home peel with zero down time
  • Resurface dry, dead skin while repairing and rejuvenating

    Daily antioxidant balancing moisturizer  Correct . Repair . Renew | $92

    Daily Antioxidant Balancing Moisturizer

    A high potency blend of antioxidants that provides free radical protection. Greatly improves skin clarity and noticeably reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Ideal for combination skin and anti-aging as it contains Retinol


  • Improves clarity while repairing damage to the skin
  • Antioxidants deliver long-term hydration and reduce puffiness
  • Slows formation of melanin

  • Serum vitae purifying moisturizer
    Reduce Redness . Calm . Repair | $92

    Serum Vitae Purifying Moisturizer

    This highly potent antioxidant replenishes the skin's moisture barrier and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin clear and radiant. 

    Effective in treating users who suffer from rosacea


  • Moisturizes all day long through the constant delayed delivery of antioxidants
  • Effective treatment for those suffering from rosacea
  • Increases the rate of skin turnover while stimulating new cell growth  

    Gly-daily lotion Resurface . Illuminate . Restore | $76.50

    Gly-Daily Lotion

    This glycolic and fruit acid lotion combats the visible signs of aging and revitalizes skin. Its unique formula reconditions and retextures skin, improving its clarity. A smoother, younger complexion emerges, for age-defying results. 
    Recommended for oily, congested, and mature skin types wanting an extra step in exfoliation and anti-aging!


  • Great addition to any regime
  • Effectively removes dead skin cells while stimulating skin renewal
  • Retextures skin for a smoother complexion




    Hydrating botanical cleanser  Soften . Soothe . Hydrate | $42

    Hydrating Botanical Cleanser

    Gentle yet effective, this formula leaves skin soft and supple by restoring and preserving its natural balance. By maintaining the skin’s natural hydrolipid film, this cleanser removes surface impurities while hydrating the skin.


  • Soothes skin
  • Balances pH
  • Promotes moisture balance and hydration
  • Cleanses surface impurities effectively and gently

    Balancing botanical cleanser Refresh . Balance . Exfoliate | $42

    Balancing Botanical Cleanser

    Gently cleanses impurities while exfoliating dead skin cells. Balances skin by hydrating and removing excess sebum.


  • Helps remove oiliness
  • Gently cleanses without irritation or drying effects
  • Skin is left feeling soft and supple

    O-plex acne cleanser
    Refine . Treat . Prevent | $42

    O-PLEX Wash

    Thoroughly lifts impurities and removes excess sebum while targeting acne. 


  • Naturally improves skin's appearance
  • Gently cleanses acne-prone skin
  • Eliminates impurities without over drying
  • Removes excess sebum

    Gly-clear cleanser Exfoliate . Purify . Correct | $42

    Gly-Clear Cleanser

    A unique blend of glycolic acid, green tea, and fruit acid dissolves impurities, removes make-up, and prepares skin for further glycolic treatments. Skin will glow with clarity and freshness.


  • Gently and thoroughly cleanses for soft glowing skin
  • Prepares skin for other glycolic treatments
  • Extra step in exfoliation




    Rosewater toner  Soften . Soothe . Hydrate | $49

    Rosewater Toner

    This product revitalizes skin erasing signs of environmental stress. Also removes residual oils and makeup. Hydrating, soothing and calming. Ideal for all skin types


  • Helps heal skin irritations
  • Excellent for those looking to simplify their beauty regime
  • Amazing makeup remover

    O-Plex mist 
    Refresh . Control . Remove Impurities | $42

    O-PLEX Wash

    Washes away impurities and excess sebum while gentle botanicals sooth, refine pores, maintain skin's balance, and control breakouts.


  • Lifts impurities
  • Refines pores and gently soothes using Botanicals 
  • Maintain skin's natural balance
  • Removes excess sebum




    Botanical hydrating masque Hydrate . Soothe . Restore | $48

    Botanical Hydrating Masque

    Delivers maximum doses of hydrating and nourishment, whiles soothing the skin. Promotes cellular renewal and helps slow the signs of aging. Ideal for dry, dehydrated, and sensitive skin delivering a boost of hydration to be used one to two times per week


  • Invisible
  • Creates a barrier against the elements when participating in outdoor activities
  • Contains Botanicals and Marine Extracts, to promote healthier more radiant skin

    Enzyme exfoliating masque Remove Oils . Refresh . Balance | $48

    Enzyme Exfoliating Masque

    Tightens skin, refines pores and control breakouts while Botanicals help to soothe skin.


  • Refines and tightens pores
  • Removes dirt, oils and cosmetics
  • Cleanses with antibacterial Bergamot Oil






    Sunscreen SPF 29  All day protection . Sweatproof . Oil Free | $40.50

    Full-Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 29

    Rub-proof, sweat-proof, and delivers both unparalleled protection and long-lasting hydration. Found UVA photostable by Australian standards, our sunscreen protects against the entire UVA spectrum and UVB protection. PABA- and fragrance-free, this formula is greaseless, leaving skin clean and smooth.


  • Full spectrum protection
  • Sweat proof
  • Rub proof
  • All day protection
  • Designed for all skin types
  • Meets Australian standards (only regulatory body to test for protection from both UVB and UVA rays)

    Sunscreen SPF 30  Waterproof . Sweatproof . Oil Free | $40.50

    Waterproof Sunscreen SPF 30

    This formula offers both broad spectrum protection and all-day moisturizing. Non-comedogenic, PABA free and fragrance free, our sunscreen offers a full day of waterproof and sweat-proof protection, thirty times the power of skin’s natural defenses.


  • Broad spectrum protection
  • Waterproof
  • Sweat proof
  • Rub proof
  • All day protection
  • Designed for all skin types
  • Meets Australian standards (only regulatory body to test for protection from both UVB and UVA rays)  

    Inside tan™ moisturizing sunless tanner Long Lasting . Sun Kissed . Radiant | $45


    Inside Tan™ Moisturizing Sunless Tanner

    Unique two-in-one formula delivers moisturizers and tanning agents deep into the skin. The results are a deep natural looking tan, long-lasting color, and velvety soft skin. Ideal for those looking to be sun-smart while maintaining a sun- kissed glow


  • Tanner plus moisturizer in one
  • Won’t rub off on clothes
  • Long lasting color
  • Pleasant scent



    Eye treat Control Aging . Reduce Fine Lines . Firm | $113

    Eye Treat

    Say goodbye to dehydrated eyes, ingredients provide nutrients deep down to hydrate, repair, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles while building the skins matrix. Most hydrating eye cream on the market, treat dehydration under the eye and reduce fine lines and wrinkles


  • One of a kind blend of thirteen Botanicals
  • Three proven wrinkle-reducing Peptides
  • Moisturizes skin under the eye
  • Helps prevent visible signs of aging


    Eyelyph serum  Puffiness . Dark Circles . Sagging | $86

    Eyelyph Serum

    Luxurious and potent, this “miracle eye serum” consistently earns rave reviews from customers. Our lush formula combines Vitamin C, Botanicals, and essential oils, to leave your most delicate skin looking radiant and healthy. This unique product will not only eliminate dark circles and puffiness, but it will also eradicate fine lines and wrinkles. Ideal if wanting to reduce puffiness, dark circles, and sagging around the eyes


  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Moisturizes while reducing inflammation and puffiness
  • Leaves skin around the eyes looking radiant

    Fade shades lightening cream
    Lighten . Rejuvenate . Glow | $72

    Fade Shades™ Lightening Cream

    Fade Shades delivers remarkable correction to all kinds of skin discoloration, from uneven skin tone to age spots. It rapidly lightens skin pigmentation, evens complexion, and improves skin’s overall clarity. It also contains Kojic Acid, which helps to reduce breakouts. Discolorations, fine lines and wrinkles will fade away. Ideal for all skin types including acne prone skin, provides a true vanishing act for uneven skin tone


  • Great for clients coming off of an aggressive anti-pigment line
  • Contains Kojic Acid which helps to control breakouts
  • Improves skin’s clarity and texture

    O-plex target facial  Control . Target . Clear Imperfections | $35

    O-PLEX Target

    Spot treatment can be used up to three times a day on acne prone or problematic areas, a great addition to any skincare regime. Ideal for any client whoexperiences occasional blemishes


  • Fast acting
  • Focuses on drawing out bacterial
  • Can also be used to treat cold sores and warts

  • N°45 firming peptide complex Control Aging . Improve elasticity . Stimulate | $205

    N°45 Firming Peptide Complex

    Our trademark complex combines a 45% concentration of Peptides and Botanicals and revolutionary Lyphazome Technology. This elegant serum guarantees instant tightening effects while brightening complexion and reducing inflammation. Best results when used in the AM with the N45 Firming Peptide Cream used in the PM. Ideal for aging, mature and dry skin types, clients who are looking for dramatic tightening and firming effects


  • Hydrates, soothes, and helps prevent free radical damage
  • 45% concentration of Peptides and Botanicals
  • Reduces the degree of existing wrinkles while working to prevent future wrinkles from forming

    N°45 firming peptide cream  Firm . Hydrate . Reduce Fine Lines | $205

    N°45 Firming Peptide Cream

    Our trademark complex combines a 45% concentration of Peptides and Botanicals and revolutionary Lyphazome Technology. This elegant serum guarantees instant tightening effects while brightening complexion and reducing inflammation. Best results when used in the PM with the N45 Firming Peptide Complex used in the AM. Ideal for aging, mature and dry skin types, clients who are looking for dramatic tightening and firming effects


  • Hydrates, soothes, and helps prevent free radical damage
  • 45% concentration of Peptides and Botanicals
  • Reduces the degree of existing wrinkles while working to prevent future wrinkles from forming

  • Tip Treat  Exfoliate . Moisturize . Protect | $33

    Tip Treat

    Three-in-one treatment that exfoliates cuticle skin, provides hydration, and seals in moisture for the delicate cuticle area, while reducing the occurrence of hang nail. Ideal for all clients suffering from severely dry hands/cuticles, clients going through chemo or other aggressive treatments which compromise the health of skin


  • Decreases the likelihood of hangnails
  • Moisturizes and protects healthy cells all day
  • Exfoliates dry, dead skin around the nail bed

    Code 4 spray lotion
      Energize . Protect . Repair | $126

    Code 4 Spray Lotion

    With no other products like it on the market, Code 4 energizes and protects your skin, offering your skin cells their own ‘chaperons’ to defend each cell from everyday skin stresses. Code 4 will give you healthier-looking skin, calm any redness and irritation, tighter, more resilient skin and an all-around healthy-looking glow. Great for all ages, all skin types and all skin conditions


  • Compensates for age related decreases in cell protection
  • Helps to protect from UV damage
  • Enhances results of other Celazome products
  • Boosts epidermal and dermal synthesis



    Body moisturizers



    Penetrating body lotion  Eczema . Psoriasis . Dehydration | Travel size 2oz $8.50 | 4oz $31 | 8oz $31 | 31oz $100.50 

    Penetrating Body Lotion - TravelPenetrating Body LotionPenetrating Body Lotion - Jumbo

    Has a sealing barrier for dry skin which makes this a potent moisturizer. Clinically proven to moisturize and target conditions associated with eczema, psoriasis, pruritus, retinoid therapy, burns, diabetes, plantar xerosis, and sun damage.  Ideal for clients with moderately to very dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, diabetic skin
    *Available in two additional sizes: Jumbo (907g/32 oz.) and Travel (57g/2 oz.)


  • One application hydrates all day
  • Treats baby diaper rash
  • Great for all skin concerns

    Penetrating body cream 4oz Rough Knees . Flaky Elbows . Dry Feet | $31


    Penetrating Body Cream

    Targets dry skin conditions by eliminating roughness, flakiness and itching. Along with a sealing barrier, this is our most intensive moisturizing treatment. Ideal for severely dry heels, feet, elbows, and hands


  • Effective treatment for tough to penetrate areas such as feet, elbows, and knees
  • One application hydrates all day or night
  • Skin sealing bio-actives ensure continuous corrective action


    Gly-body wash Exfoliate. Cleanse. Glow | $41

    Ideal for all skin types. Exfoliate body skin in the shower with this effective body wash. Great for prepping the skin before a sunless tanner application. And an effective treatment for Keratosis Pilaris.



    • Exfoliate body skin
    • Reduce red bumps on backs of arms and legs
    • Offers décolleté a youthful glow
    • 7 months of inventory


    Gly-body lotion Exfoliate. Moisturize. Glow | $76.50
    Exfoliate and moisturize body skin that may be affected with Keratosis Pilaris. For optimal results, use in combination with Celazome’s Gly-Body Wash.

    • Exfoliate and moisturize body skin
    • Reduce red bumps on backs of arms and legs
    • Offers décolleté a youthful glow
    • 7 months of inventory




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