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What causes wrinkles and what can be done to get rid of them?

Many factors contribute to their development. Genetics, lifestyle habits such as smoking and diet, and environment all play a role. Most people will develop wrinkles eventually but some will wrinkle prematurely and to a greater extreme. Getting rid of wrinkles is possible with laser treatments. >>  

What causes fine lines and wrinkles?

Many factors contribute to their development. Genetics, lifestyle habits such as smoking and diet, and environment all play a role. Most people will develop wrinkles eventually but some will wrinkle prematurely and to a greater extreme.The biggest contributing factor that is preventable is sun exposure. Development of wrinkles can be delayed with daily use of SPF, a healthy lifestyle, and skincare that includes retinol. 

What can be done to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines?

Getting rid of wrinkles is possible with LASERS!

Several types of lasers can be used to smooth out wrinkles and other textural irregularities of the skin. The treatments are either ablative or non-ablative. Non-ablative treatments deliver energy beneath the surface of the skin non-invasively. Ablative treatments penetrate into the skin and are more invasive requiring a few days of downtime.

Ablative treatments can deliver superior results and are done with lasers known as a CO2 or an Erbium Yag. Both of these lasers are excellent and Skinpossible has both. We also have a non-ablative alternative for people who do not want the downtime of the more aggressive options.

Got Wrinkles? Lip Lines? Acne Scars? Sun Damage?

Laser treatment can safely and effectively:

  • Minimize wrinkles and fine lines 
  • Soften deep lines and wrinkles
  • Remove sun damage and age spots
  • Improve acne and other scars
  • Stimulate collagen to tighten skin
  • Erase textural irregularities
  • Reduce pore size



ablative laser skin resurfacingDeep Fractionated Resurfacing:
During a deep resurfacing treatment thousands of very narrow perforations are created in the skin utilizing a very narrow laser microbeam about the width of a human hair. The laser scans one small area at a time and delivers heat so quickly that the tissue is literally vaporized to remove columns of tissue. This initiates the body’s natural wound healing response which heals the surrounding zone of the affected skin by creating new collagen. Within a period of five days post-treatment, the damaged skin exfoliates and a new layer of skin develops to reveal a smoother, healthier, and clearer complexion. Over the next few months, a new collagen foundation develops to further improve skin texture and tone, tighten the skin and pull out lines and wrinkles. Deep laser skin resurfacing offers all of these benefits in a single treatment, with minimal downtime! Deeper wrinkles (particularly those around the mouth) and acne scars may require additional treatments.

Micro-laser Peels:
This treatment is more superficial but allows us to deliver a greater number of fractionated perforations or even a complete peel. It offers the same benefits as deep resurfacing but to a lesser degree. The superficial nature of a micro-laser peel allows us to treat the skin on the neck and chest and go right up to the eyelashes with the use of intraocular shields. For people with only minor textural irregularities, it is an excellent option that is less invasive. An added benefit of a laser peel is that it can literally peel off sun damage.   

calgary-laser0skin0resurfacingFull-Field Skin Resurfacing:
For areas where wrinkles are deeper, such as lip lines, a more aggressive treatment may be required. In this case, we would recommend full-field resurfacing. Unlike fractionated resurfacing, that creates perforations, full-field peels a thin layer off of the skin that is treated. Depending on the severity, more than one treatment may be required to fully resolve deep lip lines. 

Customized Combinations:
Deep Resurfacing can be combined with a micro-laser peel to compound the benefits of both treatments. Every treatment is customized based on the condition of the skin in various areas of the face, neck or chest. We can treat more aggressively with deep perforations where lines and wrinkles are more pronounced. We can also cause more peeling where necessary to remove darker spots of sun damage where it appears. Which laser we use, the CO2 or the Erbium Yag, is determined based on skin type.

CO2 Results

*Results may vary



picotoning-laser-skin-resurfacing-in-calgaryPicosure Skin Revitalization:
This treatment is performed with our cutting-edge Picosure laser’s focused lens array. Picosure’s pico-second pressure-wave delivery of energy is a breakthrough that provides a wonderful alternative for patients who want the benefits of laser skin resurfacing without the downtime. Clinical analysis of skin after a series of three to five non-invasive Picosure Skin Revitalization treatments has revealed remarkable benefits comparable to results seen from an ablative skin resurfacing treatment. It takes longer to see the results but for people with lifestyles that cannot accommodate downtime, it is a non-invasive alternative.

Picosure Skin Revitalization Results

*Results may vary



There are other laser clinics so why choose Skinpossible? Because not all treatments work equally well. At Skinpossible we pride ourselves in offering only the very latest in breakthrough technologies. We have more technology than any other clinic in Calgary and all of our technology is tier-one within its class.  


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