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Need a little LIFT without surgery?

We all age in appearance in different ways. There are wrinklers, sinkers, saggers, and the sun damaged.  All of us are all of the above to varying degrees and treatments exist to address each concern. Me? I’m a sagger! For us saggers, the solution is a treatment known as Ultherapy.  >> 

Ultherapy builds collagen! 

When we are young we have an abundance of collagen in our skin.  Collagen in plentiful and it is tightly bound, much like a slinky right out of the box.  After the age of twenty, we start losing collagen.  As we age not only do we have less collagen but the collagen that remains becomes more loosely bound like a slinky that has gone down a few too many flights of stairs.  As this happens our skin loses strength and starts to sag.  We also lose elastin which gives our skin the ability to spring back after being stretched.  Ultherapy can prevent this from happening and, to a degree, reverse it.  (can we have a little picture of a slinky?)

Ultherapy is the ONLY FDA-cleared, non-invasive procedure that lifts and tightens the face, neck, chin, and brow and improves lines and wrinkles on the chest.  It is an award-winning treatment that is in a league of its own.  This article will explain why.  (Can we have the new beauty award icon here?)

The goal of all skin tightening procedures is to cause injury to the skin.  The injury does to your skin what weight training will do for your muscles.  When lifting weights, the movement, combined with gravity and added resistance, causes minor tears to your muscle fibers.  This triggers a healing response and as the muscles recover they become stronger and more toned.  In the case of Ultherapy, we use ultrasound to cause precisely controlled injury.  The injury triggers a natural healing response that causes neocollagenesis.  What this means in layman’s terms is that it produces new collagen, revives your own collagen and strengthens elastin.  Results develop gradually for six months after the treatment.

What sets Ultherapy apart from other skin tightening procedures is that the Ultrasound allows us to see beneath the surface of the skin as we perform the treatment.  This enables us to safely penetrate deeper than any other treatment within the aesthetics industry.  Its depth of penetration is also precise. In a single treatment Ultherapy can precisely target three depths: 

1)  At 1.5 mm for superficial tightening where it is needed.
2)  At 3.0 mm to injure deeply into the dermis.
3)  At 4.5 mm to bypass the dermis and injure the muscle beneath known as the SMAS.  The only other way to injure the SMAS in a controlled way is with a surgical facelift.

Skinpossible was the first clinic in Alberta to offer Ultherapy and has performed more Ultherapy treatments than any other clinic in Western Canada.  More than 1 Million Ultherapy treatments have been performed worldwide with 95% patient satisfaction one year after the treatment.  It is not facelift results but as close as you can get to having a facelift without going under the knife! 

For women and men who care about looking the best that they can for the age that they are, my recommendation is to approach anti-aging as early as possible with the goal to prevent before the need to correct arises. Since maintaining collagen is the foundation for anti-aging, Skinpossible offers anti-aging packages that combine Ultherapy with solutions to address wrinkles and sun damage. 

Skinpossible is a full-service medical aesthetics clinic.  If you would like to find out if you are a candidate for Ultherapy or any of our other treatments, call and book your free consultation. Our style of consultation is relaxed and educational.  We will sit down with you in the privacy of one of our consultation rooms and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.  Evening and Saturday appointments are available.  We are easy to get to and parking is free.






There are other laser clinics so why choose Skinpossible? Because not all treatments work equally well. At Skinpossible we pride ourselves in offering only the very latest in breakthrough technologies. We have more technology than any other clinic in Calgary and all of our technology is tier-one within its class. 

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