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calgary CoolSculpting


There are so many treatments that claim to get rid of fat...but do they work? 

There certainly are a lot of non-surgical body contouring treatments, but which one works best? Some use various methods to rupture the fat but leave the fat cell intact so results are only temporary. Others attempt to destroy the fat with heat. Some of these treatments hurt. Some put the skin and surrounding tissues at risk, and some can cause contour irregularities if not done properly. Some simply don’t work, but some actually work very well! Skinpossible offers or has offered several and from our experience, CoolSculpting is STILL the best. It’s clinically proven to get rid of the MOST fat! >>


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calgary CoolSculpting


The Cool way to Look Hot!

Have you been hiding in baggy sweaters all winter? Maybe, despite the hours you’ve spent in the gym, you’re still not ready to slide into those skinny jeans? Despite our best efforts at healthy diet and exercise, many of us just can’t get rid of those problem areas. Most of us have them muffin tops, saddlebags, bat wings or banana rolls.  >>


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calgary sculpsure


When it comes to non-surgical fat Skinpossible you have choices!

As Calgary’s industry leader in non-surgical body contouring, Skinpossible is proud to announce the addition of SculpSure to our menu of services! What is SculpSure? It is impressive new technology that uses a laser to target and destroy fat.  Unlike CoolSculpting which uses cold to destroy the fat, SculpSure uses heat instead. >>


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calgary ultherapy

Need a little lift? Defy gravity with Ultherapy!

We all age in appearance in different ways. There are wrinklers, sinkers, saggers, and the sun damaged. All of us are all of the above to varying degrees and treatments exist to address each concern. Me? I’m a sagger! For us saggers, the solution is a treatment known as Ultherapy >>

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calgary botox filler injections

Arrive looking fabulous at all those Oh-so-special Gatherings!

Have you ever wondered why some of your friends look so much younger than you do? It may be their best-kept secret. Hmmm???? Maybe they’re getting Botox and dermal fillers at Skinpossible! Combined, these two remarkable treatments are known as a “Softlift.” When done correctly, Softlift can take years off of anyone’s appearance! >>

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calgary laser clinic consultation


What you WANT is not always what you NEED!

It happens every day. Someone comes for a consultation and tells us they are interested in a certain treatment that is completely inappropriate for them. Just the other day, for example, a very nice woman in her late 50’s came to the clinic to inquire about Ultherapy, a fantastic treatment for tightening and lifting skin. I love Ultherapy! It is my favourite treatment, but when I looked at her I immediately knew that Ultherapy was not going to be the best choice for her. It was my job to tell her this and to steer her in the right direction. >>

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One laser treatment can do it all! For Fair, Medium & Dark Skin.

When women and men come to Skinpossible for a consultation to discuss anti-aging solutions there is usually something specific about the way their skin is changing that they want to rectify. It may be sagging, wrinkles, dark spots or lost volume. A combination of treatments can address every concern. >>

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Winter is Laser Skin Resurfacing Season!

We come into this world with skin that is soft, smooth and perfect. And then…life happens! As time passes we spend time in the sun, we smile, we laugh, we kiss, we frown, and we cry. Wrinkles, spots, lip lines, acne scars and other textural irregularities appear on our skin. >>

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Teosyal-RHA dynamic filler-calgary


Introducing RHA… a NEW filler that is truly DYNAMIC!

Dynamic is a fun word. It means change, activity, movement, or progress. So how can a filler be dynamic, and why would we want it to be? Don’t we want our filler to stay put?  Or maybe you are just wondering what I’m talking about altogether and asking, “What on earth is filler?” Keep reading and I’ll tell you everything you need to know. I am excited to tell you about a new filler called RHA, which stands for Resilient Hyaluronic Acid. It will be worth it for you to read to the end of this article. >>

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Whip your skin into shape!

Why is medical-grade skincare superior to what can be purchased over the counter? In two words...Active Ingredients! The percentages of condition-specific ingredients such as peptides, antioxidants, exfoliants, clarifiers, growth factors and brightening agents in medical-grade products are much higher than even the highest qualify spa, pharmacy or direct sales products. These are the ingredients that are going to do more for your skin than provide bland hydration.>>


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Answers to your top 7 questions about CoolSculpting!

Some of us tend to accumulate fat around our midsection, especially as we age.  Others are simply genetically predisposed to carry fat disproportionately at any age.  Sometimes exercise and healthy eating just aren’t enough to eliminate these stubborn bulges.  Getting and staying lean enough may not be doable, sustainable or even healthy.  Even when we succeed it may not look good, especially for women. The bulges are gone but now our faces appear gaunt or our curves have disappeared.>>


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