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2016 Big Blue Heart Award Recipient


Skinpossible’s award ceremony for the recipient of the Big Blue Heart Award was held on Wednesday, January 25th at 9:30 a.m. Nominations for the 2016 Award for Selfless Devotion closed on November 30th and a panel of judges has chosen Calgary’s, Andrea Ng, as the most worthy recipient.

Skinpossible’s Big Blue Heart Award and prize are presented annually in recognition of one selfless individual who has dedicated their time to humanitarian efforts. She or he might be devoted to one of many worthy causes, having spent time helping the sick and disabled, the homeless, the hungry, the orphans, the elderly, and the lonely. “Those suffering need help and get it from people like Andrea Ng,” says Roberta Segar of Skinpossible. “The Big Blue Heart Award is only as meaningful as its recipients are deserving” she says. “Andrea has spent two decades helping others in crisis situations around the world. She is the epitome of selflessness and we are humbled to have the privilege of honouring her!”

Andrea Ng’s Master of Social Science (Counseling) and ability to speak six languages has enabled her to provide crisis intervention and counseling at ground zero in the aftermath of many natural disasters. She has travelled great distances and volunteered in many humanitarian projects, including Sri Lanka after the 2004 Tsunami where she sacrificed her own health to distribute food in the slums. She has also been actively involved in many projects in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Mexico feeding the hungry, setting up homes and day activity centres, fund raising, and using her counseling skills for crisis intervention. She reaches out through listening, feeling, touching, and speaking in their languages. Now a Canadian, true to her spirit of volunteerism, Andrea continues to dedicate her spare time to various projects in Calgary.

Skinpossible’s Big Blue Heart Award and prize was presented to Andrea at an intimate gathering of her closest family and friends. She was presented with a heart-shaped crystal trophy and a prize valued at $10,000. “While the ceremony was small and informal we hope to make it a day to remember for Andrea and give her the appreciation and recognition she deserves,” says Roberta.

Nominations for the 2017 Big Blue Heart Award are now open>>

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